Sole by Sole

Spirit by Spirit

Distilled by hand × Crafted with purpose


Located in the rolling hills of Paso Robles, Red Soles Stillhouse is a purveyor of innovative and unique spirits crafted with purpose by Randy and Cheryl Phillips.


Randy and Cheryl Phillips have always been on the leading edge of quality and creativity in Paso Robles' booming wine industry. Starting as farmers providing some of the finest grapes the region had to offer, the duo took their business to the next level in 2007 with the opening of Red Soles Winery and they haven't looked back.   

Constantly seeking to remain ahead of the curve, the couple purchased a handcrafted still from Germany with the goal to produce high quality spirits.  Randy and Cheryl infuse not only natural and dynamic flavors into their spirits, but also their love for the craft and for their home, Paso Robles. 

Come by and spend some time with the spirits, the owners, and the still for an afternoon that you won't soon forget!



(805) 226-9898




3230 Oakdale Rd.
Paso Robles, CA 93446


Daily 11a–4p
Closed all major holidays 

We ask that groups of six or more please schedule an appointment, either by phone or email.



About our still

Our beautiful copper still came to us on a slow boat from the Arnold Holstein Company in Germany, handcrafted to meet our distilling needs.  It is a 100 liter capacity combination pot and column still with an alembic arm to maximize flavor and allow for the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind spirits.  The still earned the name "Patience" as a result of both the time Randy had to wait for its arrival from Germany and the time it takes to finish a batch of fine brandy.

The awards

Red Soles Stillhouse is proud to have received the following awards for its spirits, and is working hard to pleasing many more taste buds to come.

California hooch

Silver/93 points- California State Fair

Silver- Denver International Spirits Competition